Mothers Day

Mothers Day

What is Mother’s day?

Mother’s day is a special day which is celebrated all over the world. This day is dedicated to all the mothers and mother figures. The universally accepted truth is that a mother devotes her most part of life to her children and expects nothing from them. This bona fide love of mother is the reason for celebrating a day predominantly for them.

History of Mother’s day

The origin of the celebration of Mother’s day dates back from the Roman and Greek era and between UK. However the main theme of the day would be to engage the complete day to the mothers. Almost every country celebrates this day on the second Sunday of May month. Each country celebrates the day in different manners according to their culture and traditions and the kind of celebrations has changed over the past.


Mother’s are the eternal sunshine of a child’s life. The love of the mother is the purest form of love. A woman, necessarily need not to give birth to a child to become a mother. It is the tranquility of her caring that characterizes the mother in her. She dedicates her life to her children, neglecting her own desires. A mother does not take a break from thinking about her child.

The Celebration

Every year on the 2nd Sunday of the May month, people all over the world celebrate Mother’s day. On this day mothers receive special gifts and are made to enjoy the day as she would love to be. Children thank their mothers for their everlasting love by making their day special.

People from different countries celebrate Mother’s day in their own way. In the modern world, Mother’s day is even more famed among people. This day has been commercialized like many other special days like Valentine’s day, Father’s day et cetera. Indian people celebrate Mother’s day by cooking favourite dishes of their mother and taking them to their respective religious shrines to get he blessings.

And finally

Apart from the commercialization and many modern factors, it is indeed a great thing to celebrate a day for a woman, who is in every part of one’s life.

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